Why Diploma?

Post graduate diploma in Implant Dentistry Certification
(City of London Dental School, University of Bolton)

Study in Thailand x UK
(Final exam in UK)

Completed 10 cases: Combination of both clear aligner and conventional orthodontics

Comprehensive module from basic to advance and biomechanics of complicated of tooth movement in both clear aligners and fixed appliance

Troubleshooting cases by using (tip & tricks) in complicated auxiliary techniques Elastics in both aligner such as TADS and and fixed appliance treatment

Course Features

Comprehensive module that will teach basic to advance and complicated biomechanics in both clear aligner and fixed appliances. The aim for this program is to build knowledge and confidence for participants in treating difficult cases and troubleshooting the upcoming complications.

  • Each participants will need to complete 10 cases in total for both clear aligner and fixed orthodontic cases
  • All the theory and clinical practice will be done in Bangkok (BFC Dental).
  • All the participants are require to write up case report for all the cases that they completed. Final examination and presentation will be taken at City of London Dental School, University of Bolton, United Kingdom

    *In case where participant cannot finish the case on time final examination will be postpone to the year after
    ** Accommodation and Transport will be responsible by the participants)

Entry Requirements

Must be graduate with DDS Degree from an accredited dental school

Must have cumulative GPA of at least 2.50

Must have at least one year working experience in dental practice

Acceptance rate for diploma program is limited to 8 seats

Entry Process

Submission of the following documents through an email

  • Accumulate academic results from accredited
  • Dental school
  • DDS degree certificate Dental license certificate

Interview with the program director

Acceptance an invitation by the program director